Shutdown Services
Structural Integrity Inspection
Project Management Services
Construction Management Services
Shutdown Management Services
Shutdown Audit Services

Pre-Shutdown Services
Project Management / Shutdown Planning
Project Schedule
Weekly Shutdown Meetings
Management of Tenders / SOW’s
Management of Design Consultants
Management of Vendors and Procurement
Management of Contractors, Cranes, and Equipment Hire


Shutdown Execution Services
Clients Representative for Shutdown
Construction Manager
Shutdown Supervisor / Area Manager
Supervision of Contractors, Cranes, Equipment, Materials
Commissioning Assistance
Handover to Operations / Assistance to Client

Shutdown Audit Services
Readiness Assessment Study / Report
Audit of Shutdown Execution
Shutdown Assistance for Safety and Supervision
Post Shutdown Assessment Study and Report


Clients / Work Experience
( Some work directly by Prima, some as engaged by others )

Nickel West – Cliffs Mine : Project Manager / Shutdown Manager
Paste system Replacement Project & Shutdown

Glencore – Murrin Murrin : Secora :  Audit Consultant
Annual Shutdown Readiness  Audit and Report to CEO

Glencore McArthur River Mining : Senior Project Manager
Execution of Projects in Lead Processing Plant / Shutdowns Structural Integrity Audits and Reports

Alcoa Wagerup : Worley Parsons/Advisian : Senior Project Engineer
Wagerup Expansion FEL 2 Study: Review of Tie-ins / Shutdowns

FMG : Cloudbreak : Construction/Project/Area Shutdown Manager Major Project Shutdowns / OPF Shutdowns – 600 Persons
Structural Integrity Audits and Reports

BHPBIO Port Hedland : Manager Sustaining Capital Project Group $350 Million pa of Projects : Shutdowns/Construction Management

Millennium Chemicals Bunbury : Project Manager
$20 Million pa of Projects : Shutdowns/Construction Management

Doral Mineral Sands Bunbury : Project Manager
Relocation of Feed Preparation Plant : Construction Management

Worsley Alumina Refinery : Bechtel : Tie-in Construction Manager
Relocation of Feed Preparation Plant : Construction Management

Alcoa Wagerup : Bechtel : Project  Manager
$60 Million RDA8 Bauxite Residue Project : Construction/Tie-ins

Worsley Alumina KBJV Third Train Expansion : Tie-in Manager
$800 Million Expansion Project : Construction / Tie-in Team

Worsley Alumina Refinery Construction : Senior Engineer
$1000 Million Project : On-Site Design / Construction / Tie-ins